I’m Mercy, your personal stylist. I’m here to make the process of picking out what to wear easy, fun and specially tailored for you. Let me into your closet, come shopping with me, and together we’ll create the style you want to show the world!

Your Philadelphia Wardrobe Stylist

I’m a personal style and wardrobe consultant for men and women in the Philadelphia area. I’m someone who has always loved fashion and style so I decided to go after my dream and start a wardrobe styling business. I chose to focus on this side of fashion because I get to work with real men and women who may not access fashion on the grand scale, but who still want to look good.

The most rewarding part of styling for me is helping my clients to express themselves authentically. My goal is not to create another exact version of myself, but instead to guide you in thinking about and creating your own confident style.

“Every day I’m wearing a new piece Mercy helped me pick out. Can’t get over how great everything feels and looks! I cannot recommend this enough, honestly.” Brooke

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Who needs a personal stylist?
Everyone can benefit from a personal stylist! Whether your weight has fluctuated, you just got a new job, had a baby, or you are simply evolving and want to take your look to the next level, it helps to have a professional set of eyes walk you through what you are doing well and how to create what you want. Whether you have a good idea of your style or feel completely lost when you look at your clothes, this could be a great investment in yourself!
Why should I hire YOU instead of anyone else?
Because my own personal style did not just fall into my lap. I discovered and crafted and chose my own look over time and I’m ready to help you do the same. My purpose is to make this an experience you will truly enjoy, that means (among other things) doing as much of the hard work as possible, not forcing you to get rid of anything you are attached to, and bringing snacks for any low energy moments we have on shopping days!
Do you take commission from the places we shop?
Nope! My customer is my top priority so I am not getting paid by the places I take you to shop. I only take you to places I truly believe will work for you.