My name is Mercy and I’m a wardrobe stylist based in Philadelphia. I’m not one of those people who have always had great style. I spent a good portion of my childhood in ill-fitting hand me downs, but I always felt a pull towards fashion and style so I put time and effort into learning everything I could. My dream was to work in this industry so I decided to step out on faith and go after my dream by starting a wardrobe styling business.

Why personal styling? I’m glad you asked! I chose to focus on this side of fashion because I get to work with real men and women who may not access fashion on the grand scale, but who still want to look good. People who want to put their best foot forward. Maybe they’ve recently gained or lost weight, got a new job or a promotion, have had a milestone birthday and want to transition their look to suit how they feel, or maybe you’re simply evolving and want some guidance to express yourself through style.

The most rewarding part of styling for me is helping my clients to express themselves authentically: taking into account their lifestyle, budget and body type. My goal is not to create another exact version of myself, but instead to guide you in thinking about and creating your own confident style. Fashion should serve you and be fun. So don’t expect a very serious, buttoned-up experience when working with me. This is going to be fun so let’s get started!