There are lots of gaps I want to fill in my wardrobe, but now that it’s Spring I can get deep discounts on winter clothes so I decided to start there. I did some research to figure out what kind of coat I wanted and I came down to few criteria. 
1) Warmth: These east coast winters are harsh and I’m always cold, so I need a real coat, not just a fashionable one. 
2) Usability: I don’t think that’s a word, but let’s pretend it is. And let’s pretend it means that I need a coat I can use almost everyday, with all different outfits. 
3) Sophistication: I already have a coat that resembles a sleeping bag for the days when I just focus on warmth and not looks, but I needed a coat for the days when I desire to make a better impression.
4) Price: I’m always price conscious and I love to hunt for a good deal. 
I decided to look for a camel colored wool coat that hit around mid-thigh and had a waist tie so that I could cinch it. The last thing I wanted to do was invest in a coat that made me look huge. If you can’t picture it, I was looking for something like this: 
 So I went to a bunch of different stores and I ended up at Burlington Coat Factory where I found a beautiful camel colored Cole Haan wool/cashmere blend beauty. It kind of looks like this, but with long sleeves. Go me!