When is the last time you celebrated?


I spent the last week in Florida at Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within seminar and it was absolutely amazing. (Yes I walked on fire-and walked away with lots of inspiration!)

Tony Robbins

photo from Tony Robbins website

It would take me a long, loooong time to try to tell you just how much it meant to me. Instead, I’ll just take a post or two to tell you the things that hit me the hardest. Principle among them was the idea of celebration. I do not take much time to really acknowledge and celebrate how much I’ve done over the past few years and the successes I have already had.  Instead I get stuck feeling overwhelmed by just how far I have to go. But that ends now!  From now on, I will stop and celebrate – even for just 2 minutes – whenever I do something that moves me in the direction of my authentic self and the future I am creating.

Today I am celebrating the small things. 1) I made a phone call I’d be dreading. 2) I took responsibility and responded to an email that I had been avoiding. 3) I made sure to say “Thank You!” to two people who did something great for me. And 4) I’m doing this blogpost! So here’s to me!