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I said I would only do a post or two about what I learned at Tony Robbins – this will count as #2.

This past weekend I brushed up against the future me. During a visualization exercise I was able to actually imagine where I want to be in a few years. No one can tell you how powerful it is to get a clear picture of the life you are trying to create and the beauty that you will become one day. That just may have been my biggest takeaway from the weekend…then again, as I was writing that sentence I thought of about 7 other things!

Here are some photos I took on a day when I was feeling authentic and confident. (Bell bottoms can do that to ya.) Enjoy!

Black2 (2)


black a

black b

black c

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black e

black f

black g

(Outfit – Jeans: Rachel Zoe, Shirt: H&M, Blazer: H&M, Shoes: b.o.c, Sunglasses, no name, Necklace: Forever 21)